Graphic Design pricing, some valuable things to keep in mind. 

When supplying us with content for your project please supply us with high-resolution logos and images. A scanned logo looks very unprofessional and a logo in a Word/Excel document gets reduced in quality and is often unusable. If you give us digital content or previously produced artwork it’ll take us much less time than to recreate something just to make one change. All items exclude printing costs. Printing quotes are usually only valid for 14 days due to exchange rates, material costs, paper availability, quantities, vendors and even time of year, so all production-related quotes will have to be sourced at the time the project is ready to begin. You are under no obligation to print through us. We have great printers whom we trust, but you’re welcome to use others, however, if you do source your own printer & quotes, we cannot be held responsible for unexpected results.

Design per hour

R450/hour // Design / Layout / Conceptualising / Editing / Meetings and Travel

We track our time using toggl for any design, layout, concepts, web design/changes and editing. We also track our times for meetings so keep in mind a drive for a short meeting in Johannesburg could take up to half a day which also takes away time from other projects or your own. So let’s consider rather doing a meeting over the phone. We will send you a timesheet with your montly or project based invoice. We will only bill you for time/minutes used, which benefits your pocket and sanity and our conscious. 

Brand Design

R3750 // Logo & Mini Ci  

3-6 design concepts, 2 sets of changes, Logo in a range of file formats. 3 page CI document. Includes Business Cards, Letterhead (Word) and embedded email signature templates.

SQ  //  High-end Logo, Brand Manual, and Stationary

Please request our standalone quote for info on this. The Mini Brand Manual covers fonts, colors & basic usage guides. 

R450 / R650  //  Logo tracing 

ie: convert pixels to vectors for use in a project. Price is based on its complexity. This includes logos, graphs, charts, badges, stamps, etc – any small, stand-alone graphic. We recommend you add the logo pack (listed next) as a linked service if it’s a logo we’re tracing.

Design Pricing

R650  //  Business card  

2 – 3 design concepts, 3 sets of changes


R95  //  Additional names per business card  


R850  //  Letterhead (MS Word doc & Print)  

2 design concepts, 2 sets of changes


R1200  //  PowerPoint template  

1 design concept, 3 types of slides, 2 sets of changes


SQ  //  PowerPoint redesign

R850  //  Invoice & Quote (Excel doc with formulas) 

1 design concept, 2 sets of changes


R1200  //  Invoice book (print)  

1 design concept, 2 sets of changes


R950  //  A4 Folder  

2 design concepts, 3 sets of changes


R650  //  A5 flyer Single Sided

1 design concept, 3 sets of changes


R850  //  A5 flyer Double Sided

1 design concept, 3 sets of changes


R1250  //  A4 Z-fold brochure  

2 design concepts, 3 sets of changes


R850  //  Banner (Pull-up / plain)  

1 – 2 design concepts, 3 sets of changes


R450  //  850 // R1500  //  Full page / DPS print advert  

1 design concept, 3 sets of changes


R550  //  Digital web advert / banner  

1 design concept, 3 sets of changes.


R450/hour  //  Facebook post  / Social media banner design

Billed monthly


R600/hour  //  Social media post content

Billed monthly


R450  //  Email signature  

Signatures often have to be setup in the client’s email application, possibly on-site. 


R95  //  Additional email signature names

Repro ready

R850  //  Invite

2 design concepts, 3 sets of changes


R650  //  Whatsapp invite

2 design concepts, 3 sets of changes

R1200  //  HTML Email newsletter template 

2 design concepts, 3 sets of changes, Set-up bulk mailer. 


R850  //  HTML Email newsletter issues  

Add content, 1 sets of changes. Excludes sending costs.


R650  //  HTML Email newsletter report  

Generate a report displaying reading statistics. 7 days after sending.


SQ  //  Product photography  

Shoe box sized items and smaller. Larger items may require studio rental.  


R450/hour  //  Stockphotos sourcing

R85  //  Stockphotos  (Adobestock)

If you need a image on any other platform I will quote seperately  


R450/hour  //  Stockvideo sourcing

SQ  //  Stockvideos  

Price is for purchase only and excludes the time spent sourcing them.


R750  //  Professional CV design

2 design concepts, 3 sets of changes


R450/page  //  Magazine layout and design

Cover and Magazine design & setup, laying out of information per page


R450/hour // Extra Revisions after set of changes has been used

Web design Pricing

R450/hour  //  Wireframe design / UX Design 

Building your site concept on UX Design to where the developers can take over and build the live site. 

All our sites are mobile responsive and employ basic SEO to be search engine friendly. All our platforms are built online, so you can pick up our sites and continue working on them when we are done for futu. We hand over all access passwords for future work (eg: changes & updates).


Note:  These prices are for set packages based on certain assumptions to manage the cost, mainly that all content to be used in the website will be supplied by the client in a digital format (all text & images). 

R3550  //  Basic website  

One page, though it can still have a menu. Contains text, images, videos and a simple contact form only.


R6200  //  Multi-page,  website  

≤6 pages. Contains text, images, videos and a simple contact form only.


R9400  //  eCommerce, online shop  

≤6 pages. Contains text, images, videos and a simple contact form only. Wix shop / Shopify.

Includes the initial loading of 10 products and an SSL security certificate.


SQ  //  T&Cs for a website & Privacy disclaimer for email

Written by a lawyer. 


SQ  //   Hosting (includes domain registration)

R450/hour // Monthly maintenance of your site.

Upgrades, Updates, Admin (eg: creating email accounts) etc.

Other Pricing


Content Writing


SQ  //  Marketing Campaigns

The full scope marketing campaign for your business according to your needs.


15% Markup

Markup added to items purchased/printed on behalf of the client or for a project. Unfortunately, time and banking are not free so if it’s coming out of our bank account and being refunded much later, we have to put up a markup. You are welcome to pay the supplier directly if you wish to take on the responsibility, account sign-ups and time.

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