You see a mess, she sees an artwork

I squeal a little every time I walk into my 2year old's bedroom, I have to bite softly onto my teeth put a crooked smile on my face and say: "Wow, I can see you are having so much fun..." And as I slowly start putting away everything that she so diligently packed ALL OVER THE FLOOR she says with a very alarmed tone: 'No, don't pack away. Blief' Almost getting tears in her big dark brown eyes. I put the book back where it was and think I'll come back later.

I put her in bed, quickly pick up as much as I can and I say goodnight. I'm not even in the kitchen when I hear the very same blocks I just packed away being placed in a neat row back on the ground. Ok. Would it be terrible to just let her live in that chaos till she decides it's enough?!

At least she loves her new room. We watched a story of Noah and since then her room is her safety. She keeps saying: 'Get in the boat, get in the boat!' Then when you are in, she closes the door and you are not allowed to leave. :| I have to think up every excuse for me to get out of the room. But NO... If you are in, you are in LOCKDOWN.

But then I took some time and sat with her in her boat while she played. I tried to see things from her perspective and to my surprise she didn't just scatter things, she had reasons why she placed things in certain places. All her teddies and dollies also have a bed on a pillow with blanket in a certain place. And don't you dare try take the blanket off or move them, she WILL scream at you and make you put it back. #Strongwilledchild

It makes no sense to me, but in her world it makes total sense.

I sat there watching her and I realised, we don't only do this to our children. Just like we see our children's rooms, we only see the mess our lives are currently in. BUT GOD is placing every detail in a certain place for a certain reason and a certain time. Your whole life He planned to the T. And when you try and clean up your own mess, He says: 'No, don't pack away. Blief'

You will see why He placed certain people in your life, at certain times, why you had to change jobs at a certain point, why He created you to be exactly who you are.

You are not a mess. You are an artwork.


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