The LOCKDOWN mom blog

I am a creative, a wife, a mom and a small business owner.

I am starting this blog to help other mommies / business owners to survive this lockdown. Maybe it's just so you know you are not alone in this time.

I will be sharing some very real experiences, fears and laughs with you... And no I don't actually have the time for this. But there are times during the day... while I am wrestling my two year old to just take a moment to listen to me, cause I want to help her wash the bubbles out of her mouth she just accidentally swallowed (That happens... :|). But she refuses cause it just goes against every fibre in her body to hear what her mom has to say, because she is TWO! (That's a long sentence... Phew) ... where I stand with tears in my eyes and think, I can't be the only one trying to balance being a wife, a mom, a creative, a daughter, a friend AND trying to run a business! I wish I could tell my clients to just wait a little longer for their jobs, because my daughter really would like my attention THE WHOLE DAY! And when I finally sit down to do my work, I fall asleep on my keyboard or send the wrong things to the wrong people or just not focus properly and tomorrow we do it all over again.

A Day in the life of:

I wake up around 06h30 when the first baby wakes up. Get in the shower, get dressed and then start cleaning pooped diapers and getting the girls dressed. I then make breakfast for everyone in the house and we have a quick breakfast, balancing the baby on the knee while trying to get something in my own mouth. By this time it's around 09h00 and hubby is already in the study working away. I put on the Electronic nanny so I can get baby to sleep and cross my fingers that she will give me at least an hour to put the laundry in and work through some emails.

10h30ish she wakes up and now it's playtime. Time to do something creative with my toddler while the baby is swinging on the porch or rolling / moaning away on the blanket as she is in the in-between phase of going from a sitting position to crawling without hitting her head. So yeah that's a juggle. All the while I am also cooking lunch for the two kids who are at different eating phases of their life and lunch for us as grownups.

12h00 I'm trying to feed the baby while the toddler is painting her clothes or accidentally inhaling bubbles or jumping from the coaches and usually end up with avo or butternut all over my clothes and the baby looking like a food worm. We have a quick easy lunch after that... Well... by easy I mean... Sit down, eat your food, if you climb off this chair again, the meat is not a car, don't rub the potato on your feet, no you can't have ice-cream now, wait for me to actually put the food in your plate, we are busy praying, kind of lunch.

After the dishes are piled in the scullery I make two bottles. Hubby puts baby in bed while I pray the toddler will still take her nap, which she apparently dropped when lockdown started. We read a book after which she starts bouncing around on the bed and finally after 40min the baby is done sleeping and so we are done here. We all go and play some more.

17h00 baby needs to eat again and by this time my toddler and I both wishes she actually slept... :| I get dinner ready, while she is rearranging her room. We eat, she watches a story, the baby rolls around on the floor.

Now the real battle starts. THE BATH... "I DON'T WANNA!"

I don't get it. EVERY DAY they fight you and EVERY DAY they eventually get in the bath, and EVERY DAY they don't want to get out when they are eventually in.

Hubby puts baby in bed and I take the two-year-old. We read a story and pray and she goes to bed around 20h00. Now hubby started on the dishes I grab the broom and start putting things away, start folding the laundry and finally get to wash the day's food off of me.

Now... I get a moment alone to start with my business. Things are days late, response times are shabby and I type apologies left right and center to keep everyone at bay.

I love being a mom, and I love being creative, that is why I started my own business, to be able to be there for my family but still contribute to the household financially. So I will fight as hard as I can to get out on the other side of lockdown as a survivor and a conqueror.



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