The honest truth is...

The honest truth is... it's not as easy for a mommy to slow down and breathe as I thought it would be, not with a baby and a two year old.

A while ago I wished my life would just slow down a LITTLE. Just to take a breath, to make sure the next stage of my race I can run stronger than the last. Lockdown came. Now that I got the chance to actually stand still and asses my life, see where I want it to go and what I would need to do to achieve my dreams, I DID NOTHING OF THE SORT!!!

Instead I pick up toys, try and keep up with my two year old, try and get my baby to crawl, try and keep my clothes clean, for more than two hours, be creative with what is left in the fridge, keep the kids away from my husband so he can actually get a little more work done, try not to stress about the work I'm suppose to be doing, try and do something educational with my two year old (so thankful I don't have to do formal school work yet), remember that my childs teeth needs brushing twice a day, I try be happy and spontaneous on 3 hours of sleep after working till 1am, try not to let my kids watch too much TV, try to keep my emotions in check and not loose it when the tiredness trumps the cuteness of my two year old drawing on the walls! I try not to add too many things to my husband's to do list and try to work on my craft while my baby is hanging on my guitar strings and my two year old is telling I'm not allowed to sing 😂😳.

My heels are cracked my hands are like sandpaper of all the dish washing, my eyes are tired, my brain is fried. I really hoped to have more time to read, maybe binge watch a little series (which doesn't involve a certain pink pig... Or the doggy patrols). I really hoped to keep my new house in a little more in order than the previous one, and be able to focus a little better on my work and building my business. I hoped I can sort out some of my family pictures on my computer and make some videos of the kids from the months that already passed.

But no...

Being a mom in lockdown is not an easy job.

So this is what I do:

I do my hair and makeup as often as I can, I get out of my sweatpants and pajamas and dress at least in normal Saturday clothes everyday and put on earrings, I decide to be in good spirit when my kids wake up at different times throughout the night and tell myself it won't create a bad habit to sleep in their bed or cot a little while longer. I shave my legs when there is time and once in two weeks I take a bubble bath. I drink vitamins and boosters to keep healthy and awake and eat cake cause I love baking with my daughter. If I only manage to do 20 squats and 10 sit-ups I tell myself it's ok to rather roll around on the floor with my two year old. I make jokes because it's ok to laugh in a time like this, even if it is at myself and I enjoy the time I do get to spend with my family alone.

Things will work out so get up, get dressed and get on with it, I hold on to God's promises of a better tomorrow, I hold on to the fact that there is grace for today and this season and that God takes care of His children.

We as mommies have superpowers, but that still doesn't mean we'll do everything right all the time. We need to show ourselves some grace. And we need to show some grace to our kids. Social isolation is hard enough for adults. Just imagine how hard it must be for our kids whos not allowed to see their friends, grandparents and teachers. They can't run off the anxiety of parents being stressed and taking out their feelings on them. They need to try and be proper, they need to not mess, they need to be creative, sit still and listen, they need to have it all together all the time.

No. We as adults know of things we can do to feel a little better, we have years of wisdom and experience to help us. They are Kids! They don't always know better and they don't know how to handle their emotions and fears.

I for one am going to practice just a little extra patience from tomorrow and try and put myself in their shoes. Tomorrow is a new day for every mommy to start afresh!

I leave you with this last thought.

Only DUST when you really MUST!!! ;)

#mothersday #lockdownmom #honesttruth


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