This is the word I heard every 10mins for the first three weeks of Lockdown. Little relieved she is semi over it now.

So here it is... This is what she'd do.

She would fill a little box with goodies. Some paperclips, random balls, maybe a hairpin or two etc then she'll come to me every 5 min saying 'Surprise! ', it's your birthday! I have to then do the following and ONLY the following: shake the box, say 'what is it?' Then I have to pretend I'm tearing paper off and say: 'WOW, this is just what I wanted, thank you!'

Then it's her turn! 🤭 This would go on for as long as I could endure. She even went to bed with her present. I'm so glad she is over that one now.... Phewww...

But I again realized how much a little present means to her, even a pretend one. From a very young age she REALLY loved getting presents and now also giving them in return.

I really feel there are so many bridges we can build by just understanding our family's love languages!

I once heard of the Love tank system, (no idea from where), where you can ask your hubby or kids how full their love tanks are... It's a great way to start the conversation when you feel empty or see someone in your family feeling low. And you fill up the tank by feeding each others love languages.

For instance playing along with my child who wants to pretend giving ALL THE TIME. Or when my hubby puts up something in the house he's been promising, or me giving a compliment to my husband. These small things pump some gas into our love tanks and makes for a happier, healthier family!


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