Super EASY Peppermint Crisp

My husband absolutely love my peppermint tart and shaime he only gets one on special occasions.

I thought I'll share my recipe here:

You'll need:

Tennis biscuits

2 tins caramel treat

Ultramel custart (to taste)

X2 small cream

Peppermint crisp

(Shot Brandy/black coffee)

Mix caramel with some custard, stir until creamy and smooth.

Thicken cream till just before its completely stiff.

Pack one layer tennis biscuits.

Put half of the caramel/custard mixture on the biscuits.

Now layer half of the cream.

Again: Put another layer tennis biscuits.

Layer with the other half of the caramel/custard mixture.

Layer cream.

Finally Grate peppermint crisp on top.

For a little something extra. Put some Brandy in a side plate and very lightly dip the bottom layer biscuits in it. Not too much though. It just takes away that very sweetness of the tart!

👌🏼It's usually the best the next day.

PS. There wasn't time for nice pictures. We finished it before we could take a picture. 😬


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