Easy Lockdown Pizza

Today is a good day... I still have clean pa... n... t... s... oeps spoke to soon. Never underestimate a baby's spit projection range. :|

OH well.

So an easy lunch idea:

I bought some frozen Pizzas in different sizes for the different size humans in my house.

Full ones for daddy and mommy bear.

Medium ones for toddler bear.

And party size for baby bear. Sister bear eats the toppings and baby bear eat the base. (It works).

I then top it up with some cheese tomato, feta, pepperdews or whatever we have in the fridge. But especially cheese... And chuck it in the oven at 180'C. I would've really loved to make my own base and tamato puree everytime. But I would also love to have at least 5 hours extra in my day... We can all be dreamers right?

Et Voila!!!

Lunch is served.


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