Don't let the cat pee in your sandpit

We were supposed to move to our new house beginning of April and the Lockdown loomed... So we got our April Fools joke 5 days early. But Hallelujah the previous tenants said they will make a plan to move out the day of Lockdown. Now three days of serious packing started.

Late the afternoon our friend and neighbour said he's going to go get sand to build a sandpit and my husband had the wisdom to ask him to get us some too. I'm so glad he did cause I mean Lockdown entertainment 101. Kids don't play with the same thing twice. But they do like a sandpit cause they can recreate or just plain get dirty.

Then this week we had to have a very real conversation about what to do if... Not from a place of fear, but a place of preparing for the future. What if my business does not survive the lockdown, what if we don't get paid, what if, what if, what if.

All the while I sit with such an unexplainable peace in my heart about this. In my life, I remember times where I've been anxious and fearful of the future. But as I look back at each of those situations, I can see God's hand in every season of my life. I never had to fight alone.

It's easy to create something new

So now I'm sitting watching my toddler play in her new sandpit and I again realize that no matter what happens, come rain, wind, sun or even destructive sand eating babies, you will always be able to rebuild your castle and probably better the next time around. She keeps asking me to make her a "sandy birthday cake" in the shape of a butterfly or tortoise. I mean you can dream up any idea if you have to rebuild after lockdown, the question is just: What do you like to do / What are you good at? You can use your skills to your advantage and start something, anything.

Some people will say I don't have the resources, I don't have the offices, etc. but Apple was birthed in a garage, Facebook was birthed in a dorm room. If you have a skill you can work at it, and in this time you can set up a bulletproof business plan (Note to self) if you don't have the resources yet. Heck just do something to move forward, and start rebuilding your life and business now. Winter is about to hit... Are you preparing your storehouses?

Can't move the sandpit out of the sun but you can take off your jacket

At some stage, she just stopped playing and walked away. I asked her what's up? And she said let's move the sandpit to the shade... :| Uhm, yeah, that won't be happening anytime soon.

Sometimes you give up just before your sandcastle is standing strong. Sometimes you just need to try that tower one more time. Sometimes you just need to take off your jacket, roll up your sleeves, put on a hat and embrace the heat coming your way because there is so much grace in this season of fire.

Let some sand scatter

Now she also keeps carrying the sand out of the sandpit onto the grass into little heaps, or EVEN INTO THE HOUSE! Bless her heart. And I can see my husband really struggling with this, as he desperately tries to keep all the sand together. I always see this when we are by the sea as well. The grownups get so proud of what they are building that they forget who they are building it for. Let us never forget to scatter some blessings around in our world while we are building our house, our business, our future. There are people around us struggling to look up and get up, especially at this time. Something as small as a message or joke can pick them up and put them back on track. Look for the needs in your community and scatter some of your access sand their way.

Don't let the cats use your sandpit - stand your ground

Two days after we built the sandpit our cat started using it as a litter box! NOOOOOOOOO! This was a war he was not going to win. I googled how to keep him out, I poured vinegar into the sand, I packed things on top of the sand when we don't use it, and chase him with a water gun when I see him close by. HE IS NOT GETTING IN THERE AGAIN.

We do this sometimes, we build up such beautiful aspirations and dreams. Just for others to PEE on them. NO! If you have to mold your dream, shape it and keep it close to your heart until it's perfect, you do that. You fight for that innovative idea. People mean good, but a wrong suggestion or sarcastic comment can get you to throw in the towel. Don't do it. Don't let your sandpit get smelly just because of other people are in a negative space. You do everything in your power to keep positive, to get up again.

You'll never know what might come from this time of Lockdown. Pick up your shovel, even if it's plastic and keep fighting for the dream that is in your heart!

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