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Creative Design Services

Arresting design can be all that separates the winners and the losers in today’s attention-poor world. We can help you with the development of quality, high-impact graphic elements that speak louder than words.

Headed by Laetitia Kotze, WHATUSEE offers a fully
comprehensive graphic design offering ranging from
Brand Development, Website / Wireframe Design,
UI/UX Design, Social Media Design and much more.

With 11 years’ experience in providing design and marketing services to clients based both locally and abroad, we use the power of a great visual impression to achieve your goals across every marketing platform.

Graphic design
Website development
Web/wireframe design
Brand development
CI development
Social media design

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Here's our work:

Brand Designs

When it comes to first impressions, your logo says it all! Out of the deliberate design choices in your logo falls the rest of your brand identity, and it should all work together to build trust and confidence in your business. Creating, and then adhering to, a clearly defined brand identity helps you convey your message in a clear, consistent and unique way. We've developed many logos and brand identities for our clients, and always prefer to work from a corporate brand bible when developing new creative, so that everything we do stays perfectly on-brand.


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Brochures, Catalogues and Magazines

Line, colour, texture and content are all considerations when creating a brochure, catalogue or any other printed publication. We have produced beautiful and informative pamphlets, brochures, magazines and full-colour coffee-table books for advertising and marketing purposes for a range of satisfied clients.

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Websites, Wireframes and Concepts

Your website is the doorway to your business. Studies have shown that a large number of users leave a website within three seconds of getting a bad impression. We make sure your visitors enjoy a smooth user experience and find what they are looking for through simple, smart design. We also create cost-effective, user-friendly websites for smaller businesses on a tight budget that they can later take over and edit themselves.

Signage, Banners and Stand Designs

Applying proper design to your next industry expo will make sure you stand head and shoulders above the competition. We'll take the event stand layout and your brand assets and lay them out beautifully in 3D so your printer and stand builder can assemble the final display according to plan. We can also assist with all your event branding and printing requirements.

Corporate Events, Sports Sponsorships and

Incentive-Trip Design

We love being part of your event! From concept development to getting everything printed and ready for the big day, we will run with you all the way to the finish line.

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Packaging, Branding and Printing

Product packaging, office branding, vehicle branding, business cards ... with so many details to attend to when starting a business or launching a product, where to begin? And how do you make sure you're getting the best supplier at the best price? We do the running around and comparing all the quotes so you can focus on getting your new initiative off the ground.


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