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An effective and meaningful marketing campaign calls for a host of different skills, technologies, and audience touchpoints. At Below the Radar, we bring it all together to create remarkable and sticky campaigns around relevant messages that build your brand and drive results.


Headed by Laetitia Kotze from WHATUSEE, our team is ready to head to the frontline and help you achieve your goals in a totally original and memorable way. Whether you are looking for a digital marketing campaign, a social media campaign, or an internal sales drive, we will help you reach your target audience, evoke an emotion and inspire the desired action.

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Marketing Campaigns
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Here's our work:

Digital Marketing

We get most of our information about products and services online these days, which means digital marketing is now a non-negotiable for any business. We'll help you come up with a smart and sustainable plan for your digital marketing efforts. We make sure we align with your business strategy and work within your budget to help you make a lasting impact online.

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Campaigns, Sales Drives and Creative Concepts

Regular marketing campaigns are the nuts and bolts of clear and consistent corporate communication, whether with customers or employees. Effective campaigns build upon a central concept and are implemented across a spectrum of audience touchpoints. We can help you take a strong and aesthetically attractive campaign all the way from concept to delivery.  

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